Illusion, New York City Reimagined as a Surreal Movie Set That Gets Switched On Every Morning

The prolific French filmmaking duo Claire and Max of Menilmonde have created “Illusion“, a short, surreal video from the that imagines the bustling city of New York as a movie set that gets switched on every morning.

New York City. A switch noise and day appears instantly. This New-York is different: it’s a huge movie set with only facades without depth. Here, all people have a strange characteristic: a confusing and mesmerizing one… But what are we really?

The filmmakers had previously offered a similar perspective of Paris, depicting the City of Lights as a deserted movie set.

In january, we made « Apparences » : we imagined a Paris like a movie set. The film was a success on the web, shared on many digital medias and we figured on a TV show. In march 2016, we were in NYC : the city was the choice for the second production based on this concept of movie set. For this NYC film, meaning is given to this concept.

via The Awesomer