Frustrated Part-Time Seasonal IKEA Employee Offers Honest Answers to the Most Inane Customer Questions

Comedian Scott Seiss quite amusingly took on the persona of a frustrated “part-time seasonal” employee of furniture giant IKEA and offered very honest answers to some of the most common inane questions and comments that are asked/made by customers. Seiss’s forthright responses are most likely in the heads of real IKEA employees but for obvious reasons, go unsaid.

Customer: Every time I come here my order gets messed up

Seiss: Then stop coming. Make my day every time you come here. Your order’s messed up sounds like you’re making the mistake. Look inward. You’re ordering the wrong sh*t.

Customer: I’d like to speak to your manager

Seiss: I’d like to speak to your mother. Tell her she should be embarrassed she raised someone to act like a baby in public. You want to speak to the manager? Please. The manager doesn’t know what’s going on. Haven’t you ever worked anywhere before?

Seiss’s full IKEA series can also be found on TikTok and Instagram.

Thanks Chip Beale!