Icans, Artist Alex Pardee Re-Imagines Iconic Pop Culture Characters

Fred Flintstern by Alex Pardee

Soupy Man by Alex Pardee

The Hurlk By Alex Pardee

Artist Alex Pardee recently created Icans, a new series of original artwork that re-imagines some of pop culture’s most iconic characters. The entire collection of Icans is available to view and purchase at Blonde Grizzly.

Alex explains the background on Icans series:

Why am I calling them “Icans”? Glad you didn’t really ask, but I’m telling you anyway. Well, because whether SOPA passes or not, I will continue to take any licensed character, or pop culture icon and do whatever I want with it for art’s sake, because ICAN. Also, I just want to conduct an ongoing experiment to see if ICAN take any cool icon from pop culture and make it way shittier by “re-imagining” it. So far, much like Hollywood does most of the time, the experiment is a super fun success!

via Eyesuck Ink

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff