Hyper Realistic Handmade Food Candles

Atlanta artist Chavonna “Bang” Ross of Bang’N Candles creates absolutely scrumptious looking, hyper-realistic food candles.

Ross’s line of candles includes mouth-watering calorie-free desserts, half-eaten bowls of cereal, southern comfort foods like shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles, fast-food like pizza and lo mein, and elegant TV dinner-style meals in divided aluminum pans. She also makes candy candles that include chocolate and chewy sweets like Swedish Fish and peach rings. All of her candles are made with soy wax.

Chavonna “Bang” Ross is a tattoo artist turned candlemaker in Atlanta, Georgia. Her company, Bang’N Candles, is known for its realistic dessert-, beverage-, and food-themed candles. The eco-friendly candles are made from soy wax, take two to three hours to make, and burn for 15 to 40 hours, depending on their size.

Ross takes great pride in her work, knowing that her talents are going to make others happy.

Our candles, soaps, and body products make great gifts for your friends and family members, but don’t forget to treat yourself! At Bang’N Candles, we understand the love for art, food, and the finer things in life.  That’s where we shine! We specialize in creating hyper realistic artisan food, drink, and dessert themed products for the art lovers and the real foodies. …