The Hydra, A Unique Triple Neck Combination Guitar, Bass, and Harp by Steve Vai and Ibanez

Legendary guitarist Steve Vai partnered with Ibanez Guitars to create “The Hydra”, a triple neck electric instrument that features a fretless 12-string neck, a half-fretless bass neck, a seven-string guitar neck, plus an electric harp strung at the bottom. Each neck is self-contained with on/off switches, MIDI mixers, and specific electronics to accommodate unique sound effects. One such effect for the harp, for example, is called “The Seducer”. The instrument, which sports a distinctive gothic dragon style, was designed by Moti Kashiuchi and built by Kazuya Kuroki of Ibanez Japan.

The Hydra built by Ibanez: Original concept by Steve Vai

Original design and first renderings by Mr. Moti Kashiuchi

Built by Mr. Kazuya Kuroki

Electrical engineering by Mr. Hirotada Nomura

Artist Relations: Mike Orrigo

The idea was developed from Vai’s own concept for the song “Teeth of the Hydra” off his new album Inviolate, which acts as the soundtrack for the ad.

Artist: Steve Vai Guitar: Ibanez “The Hydra” “Teeth Of The Hydra” by Steve Vai from the album “Inviolate” (Mascot/Favored Nations)

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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