Appreciative Husband Creates Handmade Presents for His Wife Under the Discerning Eyes of His Cats

Jun Yoshizuki of Jun’s Kitchen, whom we know to be a fabulous cook, prepared special handmade birthday presents of floral infused oils and homemade lip balm for his wife Rachel. Under the discerning eyes of his two beloved longhaired orange and white cats Haku and Nagi, Jun explained that this was the first time he “cooked” non-edible items but it was for a rather appreciative cause.

So this time I’m going to make two kinds of birthday presents for my wife One is chapstick (lipstick) and the other one is a massage oil bottle with preserved flowers. I just reached two million subscribers, and I wanted to appreciate all you guys and my wife, who’s been helping me grow this channel
This is the first time I made something non-food, but I hope you can still enjoy it

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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