Ze Frank Hilariously Lists the Quirky Anxieties of Working in an Office Alongside Other Humans

In a slight departure from his hilarious insights about the animal kingdom, the very forthright Ze Frank turned his astute eye towards the quirky anxieties of the average office worker. Frank artfully poses provocative but scarily accurate questions about work-life behavior that one may think is unique, but is actually quite familiar to anyone who’s worked alongside other people.

Have you ever grabbed a ballpoint pen and thought it was defective until you realized there was a tiny plastic ball on the tip blocking the ink and have you felt like removing that little nib was so satisfying that you wish you could remove a little nib on your soul somewhere and release the tightness of your stomach and let life flow out of you freely? Have you ever panicked at some work function when you found out that you had to share a fun fact about yourself and felt like it was some cruel competition designed by most likely a slightly interesting @#*%!$ brought in to make you realize how boring your life has been?