Concerned Human Puts a GPS Tracker on His Adventurous Cat Who Went Missing Overnight

British vlogger Half-Asleep Chris, a dedicated human to two very handsome black cats named Ralph and Tom, found that the time had come when he finally could let his fuzzy boys go outside on their own. After Ralph disappeared for a long time one night, Chris decided that he would put a GPS tracker on both cats to see where they were going.

Chris first tested out the tracker on Tom, who stayed very close to the house, visiting with the resident guinea pig. He then put the tracker on Ralph. Unlike his brother, Ralph went way beyond his own yard, criss-crossing his way back and forth around the block, into neighbors’ gardens and along the edge of the big neighborhood park. Luckily, Ralph never went near the busy road nearby and always came home safe.

I GPS Tracked My Cats For 24 Hours. After recently letting Ralph & Tom outside for the first ever time, Ralph went missing overnight. I bought a GPS Tracking Device to find out where he went!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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