‘Hug It Out’, A Colorful Animation Explaining the Many Benefits of Hugging

Designer Ale Pixel and instructional video house DemoDuck partnered together to create “Hug It Out“, an entertaining animation about the many benefits of hugging. The video features a catchy tune written by Justin Gilman from Diamond Youth and the colorful illustrations were created by Ana Sanfelippo and Eugenia Mello.

Feel like spending the whole day in bed
And the thought of meeting people fills you with dread
Been on the grind at a dead end job
And you’re stuck to the couch, feelin’ like a slob

Hug it out
Bring it in and hug it out
A hug a day keeps the sad away
Everybody hug it out…

Hug It Out

Hug It Out 2

Everybody Hug It Out

images via Ale Pixel

via Vimeo Staff Picks