A Helpful Tutorial That Shows How to Play the Kalimba

Peter Mitchell of Sound Adventurer created a very helpful tutorial that explains how to play the kalimba, a handheld instrument that is often referred to as a finger piano. Mitchell explains the different keys the instruments come in and how to tune the instrument. He also demonstrates how the instrument is played, and even shows how to transpose songs so that they can be played on whatever kalimba is available.

This video turned into a huge explanation of how to get started playing the Kalimba.

As it turns out, Mitchell had just learned how to play the kalimba one month prior to his tutorial.

I am learning a new instrument every month for the year of 2020 for an hour each day as part of a monthly goals project. This month I practiced the beautiful kalimba. Don’t be fooled! It seems like a simple instrument, and it is, but the coordination is tricky to get a good sound. I obviously won’t be an example of good sound–I have a lot to learn.

via Boing Boing