How to Eat For $10 a Week Shopping at a Dollar Tree

Budget blogger Lisa Dawn very thriftily showed how to eat well on only $10 a week by doing her grocery shopping at a Dollar Tree store.

How low do you think you could go with your grocery budget? What if you only had $10 to feed yourself for the whole week? What would you buy? I decided to put this idea to the test and see what kind of meals I could get out of $10 at the dollar tree. This is to feed myself for an entire week: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Lisa explained that she chose this store because it is readily available to many people across the United States.

While the Dollar Tree doesn’t have the largest selection of fresh food and isn’t always the most economical choice for many items, the reality is that for many people who lack access to other retailers, grocery shopping at the Dollar Tree is either the best option they have or the only option they have.

Lisa stocked up on such pantry items as rice, beans, and tortillas. She also bought eggs, frozen beef patties, ground sausage, and vegetables. From these ingredients, Lisa was able to create a number of different recipes that kept her sated for 3 meals a day for seven days.

Here’s how I would survive for a week off of only $10 of groceries from the Dollar Tree! This meal plan provides 3 meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – totaling around 1400 calories a day.

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