How to Destroy a Black Hole

The insightful Munich animation studio Kurzgesagt, who once did a size comparison of black holes, took it one step further by positing how these anomalies can be destroyed. They also try to understand how life on Earth would be affected by the destruction of the singularity of a black hole or more importantly, the gravitational singularity within.

Black holes can destroy everything – but can they be destroyed? What happens if we push physics to the absolute limits? Would we then be able to destroy a black hole, and could we even break the universe in the process?

They offer several different scenarios that would lend themselves to this goal, however, none of them fit the job. It did inspire an interesting observation that portrayed the black hole and particularly the event horizon that surrounds it, in a more positive light.

Something enforces the creation of an event horizon around them, to prevent their insanity from infecting the rest of the universe. Without event horizons, physics may not make sense at all. So although black holes have been portrayed as the ultimate monsters of the universe, they may actually be the heroes that keep us safe from the madness of singularities.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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