How to Respond to an Insult In a Manner That the Other Party Will Readily Accept and Understand

How to Complain

In “How to Complain“, the very wise School of Life summarizes common human reactions to insults with terms such as “Live Fury” – raging anger that belittles the other party and “Cold Fury” – freezing out the other party. The third option, the “Mature Complaint, instead approaches their response to an insult in a manner that the other person will readily accept and understand what is being said and why.

We have the confidence not to be thrown into complete disarray by insult. We can seek restitution and tend to do so fairly fast, while the incident is still fresh in everyone’s mind, but with the measured, strategic calm manner of people secure in their right to have their say. We’re careful not to insult or belittle our opponent. We always simply say how we feel.