CGP Grey Explains How to Become a Successful Pirate on the High Seas Using Effective, Widespread Branding

The ever-insightful CGP Grey (previously) shares how to become a successful pirate on the high seas through thoughtful, effective branding. Grey based this animation on the book The Invisible Hook by Professior Peter T. Leeson. Grey also explains that pirates instill fear through example rather than a desire to kill.

We don’t want to torture, understand. I scorn to do any one a mischief when it not for my advantage. But brands must mean something. And torturing over hidden treasure is quite memorable. Which generates effective word of mouth marketing.At least from those who have told us the truth about hidden treasure. And thus get to keep their tongues.

Grey also put together a more expansive, two-hour explanation of this titillating concept.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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