How the Story of Aliens Landing in Roswell Originated With Debris Found in a Ranchers Field

The wonderfully informative animated video series The Infographics Show posits the question “Is There Evidence That Aliens Did Come To Roswell?”. In an attempt to answer to this query, the narrator explains how the story originated in 1947, the Roswell rancher who found unusual debris in his field, the ongoing stories told by the rancher’s son, the secret experiments being conducted by covert factions of the government and the ongoing conspiracy of the Majestic 12.

The nuclear physicist and ufo-ologist Stanton Terry Friedman …was one of the main investigators, a supremely intelligent man and not some part-time armchair conspiracy theorist. He eventually left the military and spent the rest of his life studying UFOs. He has testified in front of Congress and written scores of papers explaining the existence of aliens and their machines. He believed that something called the majestic 12, a group of politicians, military people and scientists, had covered up the incident at Roswell and a document titled operation majestic 12 that described the incident in detail.