How the Film ‘Inside Out’ Brought the Fluid Concept of Emotional Intelligence to the Forefront of Thought

In his latest video, Evan “The Nerdwriter” Puschak takes a look at the popular Pixar animation Inside Out and how the film put a new spin on emotions so as to make them appear to be elements of personality rather than crippling signs of weakness they were previously perceived to be. Puschak notes that while the film missed the mark in terms of scientific accuracy, it made a great deal of progress bringing the more fluid concept of emotional intelligence to the forefront.

What’s interesting and ironic about “Inside Out” is that Riley may come off as a bit robotic but a more complex and complete framework for the inner workings of the mind can be found in Joy, a character who questions and reflects turns inward not to another smaller headquarters but a cauldron indistinct compounds of feeling influenced by chemistry situation and other people. “Inside Out” may not be perfectly accurate but the film inspire something more important than that,something that doesn’t require scientific exactness – emotional intelligence.