How Psychotherapy Encourages the Vocalization of Self-Reflective Thoughts Without Judgement

The School of Life explains via animation “How Psychotherapy Works” despite its demanding schedule, by positing three different ways the therapist is able to reach the patient. Their first reason is that psychotherapy encourages patients to reflect and bring to the surface those thoughts that live in the unconscious mind with vocalization in an environment free of judgement. The second reason is that psychotherapy works to help reverse the bad habits of childhood, forcing the patient to recognize their self-defeating distortions. Finally, the relationship between therapist and patient is based upon trust, support and respect, attributes that could have been denied to the patient in other relationships. Yet, even so, therapy is not for everyone.

Psychotherapy won’t work for everyone; one has to be in the right place in one’s mind, one has to stumble on a good therapist and be in a position to give the process due time and care. But that said, with a fair wind, psychotherapy also has the chance to be the best thing we ever get around to doing.