How Bush Street Was Changed To Obama Street In San Francisco

We’ve just received the following press release and video from the group claiming responsibility for changing 100% of the Bush Street signs in San Francisco to Obama Street on Tuesday morning prior to the Presidential Inauguration.

The San Francisco-based organization Concerned Republicans Assaulting Posterity (C.R.A.P.) is claiming full and complete responsibility for the street sign changing of Bush Street to Obama Street the morning of Tuesday, January 20. A small but mighty group of about 40 fairly intelligent individuals joined together Monday evening and distributed the signs amongst C.R.A.P. members and loyalists in an unusual moment of solidarity with Barack Obama supporters.

The group began changing the signs shortly after midnight. “Even though at first we thought Bush Street was named for our beloved Bush family, we realized that wasn’t true after we did some reading,” said one shirtless and bearded group member, who called himself Molotov II. “We wanted to show people that even we and our world renown organization, vehement supporters of the Republican party — we believe 92 percent of all Democrats are dirty — we are all still Americans, just like Mexico said on 9/11.

“We can support Obama for a day.” C.R.A.P. organizer Thurston Griswald III, speaking from an undisclosed bunker in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District, said the signs were created by hand using recycled clay, exotic oils from the Far East, paper mache and ABC gum for stickiness. No animals were harmed while making and posting the street signs, Griswald II maintains, and boasted that more than a quarter of C.R.A.P. members were former Bush Administration officials. “These guys just want to put the past behind them, plus they need jobs — who’s going to hire a 55-year-old man who’s done nothing but make warning stickers placed on bombs and land mines for the last eight years? — so we felt we had to do something to show the new President how much we support him,” Griswald III said. “It was either change the street signs or get T-shirts made. Obviously, we made the right decision.”

We’d also like to state there was a second group with similar ambition using permanent vinyl stickers. They managed to affix a few of these signs, in contrast to our use of non-permanent adhesive. Our group does not endorse or condone vandalism. Fortunately, we beat them by an hour.

Video editing provided by Jeremy Fortes.

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Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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