Bush Street Renamed Obama Street in San Francisco

obama & fillmore, san francisco

Obama Street Sign

Making Obama Street Signs

Timed with today’s Inauguration, Bush Street signs in San Francisco were changed to Obama down the entire length of Bush Street from Presidio to Battery.

There are more photos of this municipal “upgrade” on Flickr.

Violet Blue created a Flickr group pool for the Obama Street signs.

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UPDATE 1: Here’s more Obama Street sign shenanigans, this time with the SFPD.

Obama and SFPD

UPDATE 2: The San Francisco-based organization Concerned Republicans Assaulting Posterity (C.R.A.P.) is claiming responsibility for the Obama signs. Here’s their press release and video of how it all went down.

photos by Vanessa Naylon, Laszlo Thoth, Reed Kennedy & Timmmii

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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