Hoops Désolé, A Troupe of Six Talented Comedic Acrobats Who Playfully Dive Through Hoops

Hoops Désolé is a “Crazy Circus Company” made up of six incredibly talented performers who combine hoop diving through gymnastic rings, along with other acrobatic feats such as leaping and tumbling in a fun, comedic way. The group is made up of Jacob Grégoire, Gian Nardin, Theddy Nardin, Augustin Thériault, Cameron Clarke, and Santiago Esviza.

Brothers Gian and Theddy Nardin, Cameron Clarke were previously at École de cirque de Québec, while others have come from Cirque de Soleil and Cirque Éloize.

(translate) June 2019, six reckless young people make a risky bet. From the circus world, they think, we could still extract creative substance! Their collective will be the proof. Since then, they have offered works combining acrobatics, theatrical games and dance. Surprising and unclassifiable, their performances nevertheless offer only a glimpse of the broad range that their playground constitutes. Comrades on stage, brothers of bad luck in life and comrades in the evening, the singular bonds which unite the members of the collective are reflected in each of their works.

via The Kid Should See This