HoodiePillow Pillowcase, A Pillowcase with a Built-in Sweatshirt Hood

HoodiePillow Pillowcase

Pennsylvania-based parents of triplets, Chris and Dana Hindley, invented the HoodiePillow Pillowcase after bringing their girls home and trying to catch some dark, quiet winks in the times between constant bottle feedings. The pillowcases they designed have a built-in hood to block out light for (what they call) ‘Cocoonification’. They are made of soft fleece sweatshirt material, manufactured at Dallco Industries in York, Pennsylvania, fit standard bed pillows and are available to purchase online.

…We’ve officially changed the way you lounge and sleep forever. No word exists to fully explain the feeling the HoodiePillow® brand pillowcase provides so we went ahead and made one up: “Cocoonification™”. Think cocoons are just for caterpillars? Think again, my friend. Think again…

Only the HoodiePillow® can provide ultimate cocoonification™, helping you tuck away the stresses of your day. It supplies warmth, quiet, focus, and a healthy sleep environment. Whether you’re browsing the Interwebs, curling up with a good book, dozing on the couch, watching TV, gearing up for some concentrated study or simply looking to get some uninterrupted shut-eye, the HoodiePillow® pillowcase is the perfect accessory to enhance your lounging experience.


Submitted by Chris

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff