Homemade Shot-By-Shot Remake of the ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer #2

The Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer #2 (released in March of 2013) has been given an out of this world homemade “shot-by-shot” remake by Pasadena, California-based director, animator and musician Dustin McLean of DustFilms. You can watch the behind-the-scenes and side by side comparison videos below. We have previously written about Dustin and his homemade remake of the Iron Man 3 teaser trailer.

Homemade Movies boldly goes “into darkness” with a shot for shot recreation of the 2nd trailer for “Star Trek Into Darkness” from JJ Abrams. Captain Kirk, Spock and the star fleet gang hop in a cardboard Enterprise, wear awkward space clothes and create the most epic trailer in the universe.

videos via CineFix

via Tested