Home Depot Employees Build an Orange PVC Pipe Walker for Little Boy With a Muscle Weakness Condition

When employees at the Home Depot store in Cedartown, Georgia learned that the Moore family was in the midst of buying supplies to build a walker for their young son Logan. Logan has a condition called hypotonia, which means his muscles are undeveloped and weak. As such, Logan needs assistance with motor skills such as walking. Logan already wears braces on their ankles, but he needs further reinforcement.

Logan’s family had already printed out instructions that they had found online, so the employees told the family to grab lunch and come back in a hour. When Logan and his family returned, they found a fully built walker waiting for them and when they offered to pay for services rendered, the employees politely refused.

So today a lady and her mother and husband came in telling us that the insurance company may or may not pay for their little boys walker so they went on the internet and found plans to make one out of PVC pipe so my store manager heard about this and we went over to them looked at their plans and said we got this so we started putting it together told the family to go and enjoy ice cream and come back in a hour. Other associates started jumping in and when the family came back it was done. Everyone was crying to see Logan walk around with the biggest smile on his face and when the family tried to pay us we said no way this one is on us.

via Fox 5 DC

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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