Food Stylist Who Made Disturbing Meals for ‘Hannibal’

Food stylist Janice Poon, who is known for creating the most disturbing meals for the series Hannibal and other horror projects, sat down with Great Big Story to discuss her creative process.

Her grizzliest creations feature in psychological horror-thriller Hannibal. Cooking for Hollywood’s best loved cannibalistic serial killer, she’s served up eyeball appetizers, Gillian Anderson’s severed leg and a whole human body, Peking style.

Poon explained how fake blood is made with corn syrup, how mold is made with cocoa powder or toothpaste, and what she used to make the final meal for the last episode of Hannibal, noting that it had to be much bigger than Gillian Anderson‘s actual leg.

Our final scene was to be Bedelia dining on her own leg. The leg was the old go-to pork it had a marrow bone at the thigh and a lamb shank at the ankle. In the end I felt I had to apologize to Jillian. I said “Jillian I’m sorry I made the leg so big if I had made it the size of your leg it wouldn’t have looked as impressive”.

Hannibal Horror Chef

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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