Help! A Bear Is Eating Me! by Mykle Hansen

“Help! A Bear Is Eating Me!” is a new book by Portland author Mykle Hansen. It is out now, as the swell book trailer explains, and is even available in Kindle-able form.

Help! A Bear Is Eating Me!

Mykle is currently on a worldly tour, especially if you think of California as worldly. continues to track his movements, including tonight’s stop in San Francisco. His previous book EyeHeart Everything is a fantastic collection of micro-amusement–short very well-written oddities that amuse and delight.

When not writing stories about men who are in the process of being eaten by bears, Mykle is also a musician with the band The Golden Greats (amongst others). Of course, I am personally thrilled that another alternatively spelled Michael is embracing his outer renaissance man (or renaissancement, as I like to say).