Guitarist Adds a Ripping Heavy Metal Soundtrack to a Mashup of Footage From Hog Calling Contests

Guitarist André Antunes (previously) took a break from musically interpreting the rants of various televangelists to instead add a ripping heavy metal soundtrack to a mashup rather rhythmic hog callings that took place during the Illinois State Fair in 2008 and the Iowa State Fair in 2016.

Hog Calling Contest goes Heavy metal.

Here are the original videos.

Doris Probst of Effingham, Illinois gave the winning call at the Illinois State Fair in 2008. In fact, Probst was the first female ever to win the contest in the history of the fair. Probst stated that she entered the contest on a whim.

I’d never done this before. I’d sooey the pigs at home, but I’ve been married to a dairy farmer for 24 years…There was no strategy…When more people started looking at me, I just added as I went.