Brilliant Mashup of a Rhythmic Heathrow Airport Moving Walkway and The Smiths’ Song ‘How Soon Is Now?’

When music industry expert Nick Halkes was at London’s Heathrow Airport, he noticed that the moving walkway at Terminal 3 sounded a lot like the distinctive intro to “How Soon Is Now”, the iconic song by The Smiths, and challenged someone to remix it in any way they thought appropriate.

Captured this at Heathrow yesterday. Does this remind anyone else of the intro to ‘how soon is now?’ by the smiths? Anyway- producer challenge….anyone wanna make a sick beat out of it?

Social marketeer Ritch Ames decided to take Halkes up on his challenge with a really great mashup that combines the walkway footage with a 1983 live performance of the song.

Ames had previously combined the sound of the Jubilee line ticket barrier at Canary Wharf with “Song 2” by Blur.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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