‘Haynes Guide to Sonic Screwdriver’, A T-Shirt Featuring an Owners’ Manual For the ‘Doctor Who’ Multi-Tool

Haynes Guide to the Sonic Screwdriver

The “Haynes Guide to Sonic Screwdriver” is a clever t-shirt from ThinkGeek that imagines what an owners’ manual for Doctor Who‘s most reliable and favorite tool would look like.

Ready to build your own Sonic Screwdriver? If there really was a Haynes Manual for it, you would be able to do it in your own backyard or workshop. Maybe. If you knew enough about all the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, glowy-flowy, screwdriver-screwdriver stuff inside. Unfortunately, though, this is just a shirt; but a pretty nice one, you have to admit!

There’s also a “Haynes Guide to Dalek” t-shirt available.

Haynes Guide to the Dalek

Haynes Guide to the Sonic Screw Driver Tee

Haynes Guide to Dalek

images via ThinkGeek