Hannah Hart and Mary Louise Parker Exchange Puns and Bake Brownies on ‘My Drunk Kitchen’

In this latest episode of “My Drunk Kitchen“, host Hannah Hart exchanges puns and bakes off-recipe brownies with special guest, actress Mary-Louise Parker (MLP).

If we had just followed the box this would be a brownie without bananas, walnut and peanut butter. The best part of these oven babies is that they had a chance and you know what gave them that chance? Us and you (and you and you and you and that one in the corner). You can give something and somebody else a chance by going to omaze.com/weeds and helping a life that would have been destined for one thing be destined for something else entirely…and that something else entirely is delicious.

Hannah was referring to the opportunity to bake brownies with MLP and the cast of Weeds in an online raffle benefitting Hope North, an organization benefitting the young victims of Uganda’s civil war.

This is your chance to kick it with Mary-Louise Parker and the cast of Weeds. We’ll even let you bring a friend so the two of you can relive the highlights forever, and make your other friends green with envy. You’ll spend an unforgettable day baking brownies, enjoying a best-of-Weeds viewing marathon, and reminiscing about the good-old-days in Agrestic.