Oakland Man Creates a Custom Handheld Feeder for a Beloved Hummingbird Who Keeps Returning to His Yard

Birdperson666 built a custom handheld feeder for a beloved hummingbird named Hector who repeatedly returns to his backyard in Oakland, California.

The pair met in October 2020, and since that time both man and bird have formed an indelible bond with one another through feeding. With this in mind, Birdperson666 tried a number of feeders but decided in the end to create one specifically for Hector.

2oz custom handheld hummingbird feeder blessed by Hector and birdperson666 . Includes recipe for Hector’s Nectar and care instructions.

Hummingbird Oakland Feeder

Hector even comes when Birdperson666 calls!

via Miss Cellania