Handerpants, Underpants For Your Hands

The latest in fingerless gloves “technology” at pop culture store Archie McPhee is Handerpants and they are just what you think they are, underpants for your hands.

Slip them on underneath your gloves for extra warmth and protection from chafing! Wear them on their own as a vaguely inappropriate fashion statement!

The hilarious video for Handerpants is done infomercial style, giving a nod to deceased TV pitchman Billy Mays, and stars Archie McPhee’s Director of Awesome, David Wahl as the yelling character, Chester McGuinness.

Along with their Finger Tentacles, I recently wore a pair of Handerpants to serve Fluffernutters to Archie McPhee’s customers and I have first hand knowledge that they are indeed, awesome!

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff