How the Enduring Humanity of Han Solo Makes Him the Most Relatable of the Original Star Wars Trilogy

ScreenPrism, film and television analysis platform known for their incredibly insightful video essays, takes a look at Han Solo and his enduring humanity in a world of Jedis, Androids, Wookiees and other characters. This particular feature made him very difficult to categorize, but very easy to like. Throughout the original Star Wars Trilogy, Han Solo’s snappy comebacks, recklessness, moodiness and distrust gave way, without contradicting or constraining himself, to caring about the welfare of others, falling in love and finding a family, which made him all that more relatable to the audience. Han Solo’s ultimate gift was his humanity, which would also tragically be his greatest downfall as proven in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Hans special power has always been his humanity and we see this in the way that he reaches out to his son…He confronts Kylo as a father, not as some kind of powerful Jedi and the betrayal that follows is especially devastating because Kylo uses his father’s humanity against him.