Hahlo, An Amazing iPhone Web App for Twitter


Last Saturday at our impromptu mini Drinkup, I was talking to Adam Jackson about Twitter iPhone apps and he said that his favorite was the web app Hahlo. I had used it early on, but didn’t really think to much of it at the time, but the new 3.1 version rocks. Hahlo has set the bar when it comes to design and functionality and in my opinion it is the best iPhone app out there for Twitter.

Hahlo is developed by Dean Robinson, a web developer at the University of Newcastle in Australia. Here’s an overview of how it works and some of its features. Developing a great app like Hahlo is a lot of work, so if you enjoy using it, consider making a donation to help Dean keep making Hahlo even better.

Personally I think Twitter should buy Hahlo and hire Dean to implement its UI across the board, including web, desktop app, mobile, etc.

Check out Adam Jackson’s write-up on Hahlo for a list reasons why it’s the best iPhone app for Twitter.

Note: Halo is a web app, not one of the new native iPhone apps. To access it, go to hahlo.com using Safari on your iPhone. Hopefully there is a native app in the works.