How to Spot the Guy Who Is About to Die in a Movie

British performer Alasdair Beckett-King (previously) quite hilariously explained how to spot the guy who is about to die in a movie. Beckett-King states that the guy, who has never been seen before up until this point, is usually working class, has a wife and kid at home, enjoys talking to the other guys on the job, and has no qualms about investigating a mysterious shadow at the far end of a tunnel, though he should never look up at the ceiling.

OK sure, sometimes I get a little distracted, talking to the new guy on the radio or..noticing a weird shadow at the end of a tunnel. Now, in that situation, what you wanna do is assume it’s kids and start yelling at ’em …Now by this point, your flashlight will probably be flickering. And if you’re really unlucky, some kind of goop might get on youNow…In that situation, under no circumstances, look up. I can’t stress this enough! DO NOT LOOK UP!