Hungry Groundhog in Philadelphia Calmly Eats a Slice of Pizza Outside a Resident’s Home for Nearly an Hour

While sitting at home, Philadelphia resident Kristin Chalela Bagnell captured hilarious footage of an unexpected groundhog sitting upright and gustily gobbling a piece of pizza. Bagnell’s dogs Maggie and Moses first caught sight of the munching marmot, who sat there in Bagnell’s Brewerytown yard for about an hour enjoying a hearty meal.

Kristin tells Action News the groundhog sat there for more than an hour, just casually munching away on that piece of pizza with no worries. All while dogs, Maggie and Moses, looked on.

The Pizza Groundhog of Philly is certainly a bit more exotic than the 2015 Pizza Rat of NYC.

Jimmy Kimmell called this pizza-loving rodent a “glimmer of beauty”.

In these grim and depressing times this video was captured outside a home in Philadelphia woman noticed that her dogs were looking at something out the window and right there out the window lo and behold was a groundhog eating a slice of pizza, which I think means we have another two weeks of home confinement. But this groundhog just kept chomping away apparently for more than an hour. You’ve heard of Punxsutawney Phil this is Quarrentiny Tim.

Several memes paying tribute to the groundhog have been posted since this incident occurred.