Grilled Cheesus, Sandwich Press Imprints Image of Jesus on Bread

Brooklyn-based couple, Rob Corso and Meg Sheehan, have developed a heavenly electronic grilled cheese sandwich press that imprints an image of Jesus on the outside of the bread, of course calling it, the Grilled Cheesus. They recently launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to fund its manufacturing. In a similar vein, earlier this year, we posted about an awesome Jesus Waffle Maker by artist Alisa Toninato.

We are Rob and Meg, a young couple from Brooklyn, NY that LOVES grilled cheese and are pretty sure Jesus was an awesome guy… Now we’ve been working to bring the GRILLED CHEESUS™ to life for 3 years. When an episode of the hit Fox TV show ”GLEE” titled ‘Grilled Cheesus’ aired in October of 2010, we knew we had something special. This serendipitous event (or miracle!) brought our trademark into the cultural lexicon and provided the spark we needed to bring GRILLED CHEESUS™ to life. After a lot of research and design (that included pounds and pounds of cheese and many loaves of bread), we finally feel ready to launch GRILLED CHEESUS™