Whimsical Illustrated Maps That Showcase the Local Businesses of Greenpoint and Williamsburg in Brooklyn

Brooklyn artist Alex Russell has created two incredibly detailed maps of the New York City neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Each map spotlights local businesses, parks, waterways, and restaurants. The whimsical nature of the maps showcases that the artist not only understands the areas represented but also spends a great deal of time in each of them.

The Greenpoint map was Russell’s first project. He got the idea to create it when he moved to the neighborhood and wanted to know what was around him.

In 2010 when I moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, it was a sleepy neighborhood tucked away from the New York City spotlight. There were very limited options when it came to restaurants, bars, and reasons to visit. …Opportunity was everywhere. The Great Map of Greenpoint began as an effort to drive business around the neighborhood. As a restaurant owner in Greenpoint, it was to draw attention to everything this great little area had to offer. It was a symbol of community and support of one another.

The Greenpoint map is also part of the New York Public Library collection.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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