Gorillas Gleefully Gather Hidden Treats During Their Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Cincinnati Zoo

A group of Western Lowland Gorillas gleefully raced around to gather the yummy treats that their caretakers had hidden in and around the trees during their annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. According to one of the caretakers, the gorillas are given enrichment exercises regularly, but this was special, particularly since the primates absolute love hard-boiled eggs.

We give them enrichment every single day, but this is more extravagant than what we do on a daily basis, so they are getting more treats than that sort of thing today. They’re getting colored hard-boiled eggs, different kinds of seeds, crackers, that sort of thing. They really like hard-boiled eggs, so their running around, trying to gather as much as they can.



images via Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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