Google Launches OpenSocial, Opening Up Social Networks

Google has just announced the launch of OpenSocial, their new set of common APIs that will make it easy for web developers to create applications using standard JavaScript and HTML in an open environment, which will form a platform that can run on multiple social networks. It’s Google’s open social network response to Facebook’s closed social network system.

It’s good for developers because it makes it easier for them to focus on making their web apps better; they get lots of distribution with a lot less work. It’s good for websites, because they can tap into the creativity of the largest possible developer community (and no longer have to compete with one another for developer attention). And finally, it’s good for users, because they get more applications in more places.

Within the first day of the launch, an impressive list of partner companies have joined the community, including heavy hitters like MySpace, Bebo, Six Apart and LinkedIn.

Google’s Vic Gundotra explains OpenSocial in detail at the first Campfire One event which took place yesterday at the Googleplex.

Google’s own social network Orkut has opened up a sandbox where developers can start building applications using the OpenSocial APIs and Plaxo has already implemented OpenSocial on their Plaxo Pulse service.

For ongoing feedback and commentary, check out the ginormous OpenSocial thread that has been developing on Techeme.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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