A Fun Google Arts and Culture App Feature That Tries to Match Selfies With Art Portraits in Museums

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Take a selfie and discover if your portrait is in a museum

Google Arts and Culture has collaborated with over 1,200 museums around the world to provide the users of a very fun and informative app that gives insights into famous works of art, virtual tours of galleries, but the most popular feature of the app is an option to try and match their own selfie with that of a subject featured in a work of art at museums around the world. Of course, this feature isn’t limited to selfies as any facial photo will do, but some are definitely more amusing than others. And as with everything else on the internet, the feature also works superbly on cats and babies. The app is available both on Google Play and iOS for free.

Keep exploring with Google Arts & Culture. Meet the people, visit the places and learn about the events that shaped our world. Discover collections curated by experts from the most famous museums. Be moved by stories depicted in thousands of photos, videos, manuscripts and artworks on every type of screen and in virtual reality. Find your favorite artworks, create your own collections and share them with friends. …Take a selfie and discover if your portrait is in a museum (Select locations only).

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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