Famous Movies Reimagined as Classic Paperbacks

Designer Matt Stevens reimagined his favorite movies as classic pocket paperback books in his aptly named print series “Good Movies as Old Books”. Each print is based on Steven’s personal fondness for a film rather than calculated data and features the name of the film’s director as the author.

My Good Movies as Old Books series combines my love of film and old book art design and illustration. As a professional designer and illustrator, I took on the project as a creative outlet outside of my regular client work and to express my love for some of my favorite movies.

While some of the films originated with a book, Stevens decided that avoiding such films would be too onerous.

When I first started out, I tried to avoid movies that were based on super famous books, but that caused me to miss out on doing some of my favorites, so I decided to get rid of that rule.

The prints are available for purchase. Stevens is also raising funds through Kickstarter to create a second book of his prints and distribute more of his work.

My first volume was fully funded and has been sold out for over a year. This project will allow me to publish a volume 2 of 100 new illustrations and reprint volume 1. This is the only place the book will be available until all backer rewards have been fulfilled in November / December and at a price below retail.

via Colossal