Gooberry by Attaboy


Gooberry, a talking plush toy designed by Attaboy that was years in the making, is finally being released and is now available for pre-order through Silver Sprocket.

Each Gooberry has been freshly picked from a secret Gooberry Patch before ripening just for you!

Like a newborn’s skull, their soft skin has yet to be fully formed, so a Gooberry is very impressionable and extra-sensitive to your each and every touch!

Please, please, DO NOT attempt to eat a Goobery, as they taste like strawberry whipped crème.

DO NOT pull a Gooberry’s string, as each pull, although wholly satisfying to you, brings the Gooberry that much closer to a most painful death.

Measuring 12.5 inches tall, the Gooberry squeaks in pain when you squeeze her pinchers, and cowers in fear from your every snuggle.

Truely an interactive experience, the Gooberry is the first designer plush to feature a pull-string sound box and squeakers!

photo by Brian McCarty

The first batch of 45 Gooberry’s will be available for harvest at Attaboy’s “A Touch of Evil” art show on June 13th at POV Evolving Gallery in Los Angeles.