Golden Retriever Meets Her Stalkers From Above

While playing outside their Orange County, California, apartment complex, a golden retriever named Aubrey and her human noticed that they were being watched from above by another golden retriever in the window. The dog Meimei and her human came down. The dogs met and fell instantly in love.

We were playing with Aubrey when I saw someone was watching us. Then Aubrey notices and they couldn’t stop staring at each other. The other golden retriever’s name is Meimei , she’s a female …and she was so excited to be playing with Aubrey

This little love story continued when a third dog, a bulldog named King, was also watching from above and wanted to join in on the fun.

The funniest part of this video is that I looked over while we were recording them play and saw another furry stalker. The bulldog’s name is King

While the trio was playing together, Aubrey’s human saw another doggie in the window, watching them from above.

Aubrey also fell in love with another dog who lives on the bottom floor.


Part 2 of my golden retriever’s love story! Thanks @victorhpena for letting us visit Bruno ? #lovestory #fyp #goldenretriever #puppylove

? Love Story (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

There was also an adorable Corgi who was stalking them. The Corgi lives below them and is now Aubrey’s best friend.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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