A Determined Golden Retriever Hikes Along the Great Wall of China With His Faithful Human

Golden Retriever Great Wall

An amiably determined golden retriever took both bus and a train to make the journey along the incredible Great Wall of China alongside his faithful musician human Victa V. At first the adventurous dog was a little unsure about this outing, but eventually kept up with the arduous but beautiful journey upon the historic site. According to Victa V, parts of the Wall are not readily accessible, but not difficult to overcome.

Certain sections like Mutianyu and Badaling are restored and have been turned into tourist hot spots. Then you have the wild sections of the wall like Jiankou and Gubeikou (that’s where this video was filmed. Technically the wild sections are closed to the public but there is zero enforcement – you can just walk right up and no one will stop you.