Insistent Goat Demands to Be Let Inside the House

A very insistent goat named Don Pedro who lives at the Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine stood at the door of the main house and quite vociferously demanded to be let inside. It seems that it was breeding time around the farm, and Don Pedro was feeling left out because his neutered status didn’t give him much to do. He preferred, instead, to hang out with the dogs. The dogs seemed rather entertained by their hircine visitor.

Donnie P. thinks he has earned the come inside with the dogs. Especially now that the smelly buck has arrived to breed to girls, he thinks he deserves a promotion! He has shared this opinion by standing on our porch and baaahing to the dogs and head butting the door all day!

Dogs and Goat
Billy Goat Demands to Come Inside

While Don Pedro can be a bit demanding, he is also a beloved fixture around the farm.