A Ravenous Glutton Muppet Stuffs His Face With Food on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ in 1971

The Glutton, a perpetually hungry Jim Henson muppet, made its ravenous debut on the January 21, 1971 episode of The Ed Sullivan Show.

The Muppets “The Glutton” on The Ed Sullivan Show, February 21, 1971.

The aptly-named character stuffed his face with food until a tiny creature hiding inside a nut shrank him down to the size of his food. Then another version of himself came up and ate him.

The Glutton Muppet

The Glutton then tried to eat the host when muppeteers Jim Henson and Frank Oz came out on stage.

The Glutton Tries to Eat Ed Sullivan

Perhaps this muppet inspired Mr. Creosote, the indulgent character from the 1983 Monty Python movie The Meaning of Life.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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