Little Girl in the British West Midlands Finds a Kindred Spirit in a 600 Pound Gloucestershire Pig

Braiding Pigs Tail

A little girl named Alice who lives in Walsall, West Midlands has found a kindred spirit in a 43 stone (602 pound) Gloucestershire pig named Rocky. Rocky is a good friend to Alice – he lets her braid his tail, give him a bath, sing to him and even apply sunscreen lotion for those sunny days. In return, he gets a lovable human buddy of his very own

The school girl plaits his hair, brushes his coat, and washes his trotters; and even feeds him cake when he’s hungry. And the two- and a half year old Gloucestershire pig is so close to his owner that he lets her apply sun tan lotion to his back, and listens to her when she sings and talks to him.