A Giant Alien Xenomorph Made Out of Gingerbread

Norwegian cake designer Caroline Eriksson created a truly impressive giant Alien Xenomorph gingerbread sculpture. In order to make this, Eriksson took homemade gingerbread, which was toughened up for durability, formed it around an iron frame while it was still warm and used melted sugar to glue it all together.

Eriksson explains how she was able to create such a magnificent piece with such simple ingredients.

It’s an iron structure inside with sculptured gingerbread on top: …I made an inner skeleton with correct proportions, and then drew pieces/ designs to fit on top of it …I’ve altered the usual recipe a bit to make it stronger – so I wouldn’t recommend for eating, but I’m using twice the amount of syrup, and no baking powder. It makes the gingerbread harder and gives it a smoother surface! …There’s a whole lot of melted sugar to keep it together!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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