Giant Tortoises Happily Consume Pumpkins in Celebration of San Diego Zoo’s 100th Birthday

As part of the 100th birthday celebration at the San Diego Zoo, a group of centenarian Galapagos tortoises were offered a yummy seasonal treat of bright orange pumpkins to devour at will.

Our Galapagos tortoise elders, many of whom are over 100, helped us ring in our 100th birthday on October 2, 2016, along with thousands of our closest friends. When we were founded in 1916, we were dedicated to the children of San Diego, but we rededicated ourselves to the children of the world as we fight against extinction in over 80 countries. Thanks for your support over the years. Here’s to the next 100!

The tortoises are very good at celebrating with food, as demonstrated on National Watermelon Day.

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