A Giant Red Boombox In New York City That Starts a Massive Holiday Dance Party When Plugged In

Improv Everywhere, in partnership with Target, built a giant red boombox in the middle of Manhattan’s South Street Seaport. The box, which was running low on battery power, invited passersby to plug it into a giant outlet just a few feet away. Once connected, two ships at dock instantly lit up holiday style and music began playing. 100 acrobatic dancers appeared out of three red school buses and performed a routine designed by choreographer Madeline Hoak. The dancing encouraged everyone around to join in as fake snow fell on the crowd. A jolly holiday good time was had by all.

For our latest mission, we placed a 10-foot tall boombox on Pier 17 in Manhattan and waited for unsuspecting people to plug it in. Real New Yorkers worked together to carry the 160-foot long cord across the pier to an oversized outlet. Once the boombox was plugged in, everyone was surprised by a massive holiday dance party…

Target Improv Everywhere Boombox Plug

Target Boombox Improv Everywhere Lit

Target Improv Everywhere Merry Mix

Target Boombox Improv Everywhere Outlet

Target Boombox Improv Everywhere

Target Boombox Improv Everywhere Soundsystem

Target Boombox Improv Everywhere Interior

Target Boombox Improv Everywhere Dancers

photos by Arin Sang-urai.